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Pitt-Glaze Water-Borne Acrylic Epoxy


Pitt-GlazePitt-Glaze is a single component, pre-catalyzed, water-borne acrylic epoxy which is convenient and efficient requiring NO MIXING OR MEASURING!

This recoatable, impact and mildew resistant finish provides long-lasting protection against the wear and tear that can result from moisture penetration, frequent cleaning, corrosion and the general physical abuse that high traffic can create.

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Speedhide Low VOC Interior Latex Paints


PPG Speedhide Low VOC PaintPPG’s Speedhide is environmentally sensitive without sacrificing quality or performance.

Speedhide is an economical solution for both commercial maintenance and new construction. Speedhide’s extremely low odor allows painters and maintenance professionals to use the product in an occupied building with very little disruption to everyday activities. Its durability and excellent hide and coverage make it ideal for new construction Speedhide’s environmentally sensitive formulas provide an ease of application not found in most competing low-VOC products. Performance, ease of application, and low-VOC formulas make Speedhide the perfect choice for those wishing to paint while minimizing environmental impact.

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