Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)

EIFS, also referred to as EIFS stucco, is an ideal exterior wall cladding for use in the Salt Lake City region. EIFS differs from traditional stucco in both composition and relative carefree durability, both selling points for installing it in favor of other siding options.

We are all familiar with traditional stucco, applied in multiple coats, that is a dense, inflexible, and non-insulating exterior coating. While traditional stucco is great for many applications, EIFS, as a lightweight synthetic wall cladding that incorporates extruded plastic foam insulation overlaid with thin synthetic coatings, is better suited for applications where insulating factors are required. While modern stucco brands utilize synthetic properties to allow the material to expand and contract, and even to be applied in one coat, EIFS is the better choice for the climate changes in Utah.

Traditional stucco installations require skilled labor and expert oversight. Even when expertly applied, traditional stucco is extremely weather sensitive compared to EIFS installations. A properly trained and supervised crew can install a more durable EIFS installation at a substantial savings of time over traditional stucco. Today, next generation EIFS solutions, such as StoTherm NexT by Sto, are closer than ever to the goal of providing a rapidly installed material that mimics the classical look of stucco without all of stucco’s technical difficulties and weather vulnerabilities. By adding a liquid applied waterproof air barrier, Sto’s EIFS solutions have finally conquered the downfall of many stucco and traditional EIFS stucco installation failures—permanent water penetration of the applied material.

Older generations of polymer based EIFS solutions are generally installed with five primary layers: 1) adhesive, 2) polystyrene insulation board, 3) reinforcing mesh, 4) base coat, and 5) the finish coat.

StoTherm NexT’s innovation knocks out two traditional EIFS installation problems with one crucial added step—a base application a waterproof air barrier, followed then by the rest of the usual steps.

The “secret” step is StoGuard® Liquid Applied Waterproof Air Barrier. This liquid-applied system creates a continuous and seamless waterproof air barrier beneath StoTherm EIFS installations. As it is directly applied and doesn’t rely upon fasteners, it will not tear like building wraps, or paper, and resists water penetration five times longer than leading building wraps and 28 times longer than conventional building paper.

Visit our Salt Lake City showroom to talk in detail with experts in the technical properties, as well as installation and application guidance for the next generation EIFS stucco solutions Procoat Systems has to offer.

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