ProCoat Salt Lake City

Welcome to ProCoat Salt Lake City, the newest addition to the ProCoat Systems family, bringing you premium materials for the construction of your home or building project.

For more than 30 years, ProCoat systems has been delivering innovative and industry tested building solutions to the Rocky Mountain area through its Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado stores. Now, we bring those same successful solutions to Salt Lake City.

Some of the product categories ProCoat System offers to contractors and homeowners:




    For a beautiful stucco materials on your Salt Lake City’s building’s exterior, proper application is key. Learn more about our high-quality stucco materials, including complete wall installation solutions, and how they can stand the test of time – even in the unique area climate. Looking for interior stucco or plaster? We carry that too, in a variety of finishes and with a wide array of companion products for achieving that perfect look.




    Want a stucco solution that gives you a little more? Using EIFS stucco in Salt Lake offers the added advantages of insulation, waterproofing, and improved ability to expand and contract with temperature fluctuations for a durable, multi-functional exterior. Our next-generation EIFS solutions install faster and more simply than their traditional counterpart.




    Nothing beats the stunning look of natural stone veneer. Come view the beauty of our natural stone veneers, available in a variety of colors, stone, and styles including ashlar, brook, cobble, dry stack, field, and ledgestone available from top-rated manufacturers.




    For a more lightweight, affordable solution to natural stone, try cultured stone veneer on your Salt Lake City building project. Painstakingly created, true-to-life patterns from industry leaders who invented the process, our cultured stone veneer approaches near the time-tested durability of natural stone, with a 50-year guarantee.




    Protect the integrity of foundation walls, plaza and parking decks, planters, and balcony decks with our vapor barrier, waterproofing, drainage, and water management solutions. We even offer green roof assemblies.

The ProCoat Difference
In addition to providing quality construction products for the last 30 years, we excel at providing customer service and technical assistance to architects, engineers, construction and design professionals, and homeowners alike. When it comes to completing a successful project, we know the devil is in the details, so we’ve made it our mission to know all of them. We strive to provide quality products and solutions to our clients and customers, because when you succeed, we succeed. Serving you is our business.

Learn more about how you can build a better building with our top-of-the line products, technical knowledge and service. Contact ProCoat Systems Salt Lake City today.

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