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ProCoat Waterproofing Line Card 2014

For more then 50 years WR Grace has offered residential and commercial construction products used in projects ranging from civic infrastructure to home repairs. Bituthene, Ice and Water Shield, Vycor, Preprufe and PermaBarrier are prominent brand names in the Grace family of products.

Sheet Membrane Waterproofing Systems

– Bituthene-60 mil sheet membrane waterproofing systems
– Liquid Membrane Mastic-two part mastic for terminations

Fluid Applied Waterproofing Systems

– ProCor Spray and trowel applied waterproofing

Cavity Wall membranes

– PermaBarrier liquid and sheet membrane air and vapor barrier systems for cavity walls behind masonry, brick, stucco and curtain walls.

Window and Door Flashings

– Vycor-6, 9 1n2 12 inch sheet membrane flashing for around doors and windows

Roofing Underlayments

– Ice and Water Shield-40 mil sheet membrane for under roofing systems

Blind side Waterproofing

– Floorprufe 120-integrally bonded underslab membrane to reduce moisture vapor drive

– Preprufe 160 and 300-thick HDPE backing with proprietary adhesive membrane waterproofing application, for blindside applications of waterproofing on mudslabs, lagging wall and zero property line waterproofing needs.

– Hydroduct 220 and 660: Drainage composites for water management and protection of waterproofing systems.

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