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Watson Bowman Acme / Expansion Joint Systems

ProCoat Waterproofing Line Card 2014

For over 50 years Americas Watson Bowman, “WABO” has been America’s leading manufacturer of expansion joint systems for buildings; stadiums; parking structures and bridges.

Parking and Stadium Expansion Joints

  • Wabocrete: “ the original” waterproof parking structure expansion joint systems
  • Elastoflex: HS20 loading waterproof expansion joint system for plaza decks and parking structures
  • StadiaFlex: Stadium joint system for treads and risers
  • Safety Flex: Neoprene coated steel coverplate

Building Expansion Expansion Control

  •  VIP: modular no bump floor joint for buildings
  •   Allure: the invisible expansion joint
  •   Seismic Weatherseam: For vertical curtain wall and exterior vertical wall waterproofing

Bridge and Highways Expansion Joints

  • Waboflex: Heavy Duty Traffic Expansion Joint
  • Expandex: Asphaltic Plug Joint
  • Modular: For Large Movement Bridge Applications
  • Wabosil: Silicone Sealant and elastomeric end dam
  • Wabocrete: Elastomeric end dam mortar

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