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Texston has revived the ancient decorative arts of Venetian plasters and Old World stucco by introducing new formulas to meet the needs and desires of the 21st century artisans and designers. The authentic mineral-based plasters have a tactile and visual appeal impossible to duplicate with faux finishes or ordinary plasters.

  • Veneciano – slaked lime putty plaster. This is the classical formula for ancient Venecian plaster that creates beautiful, polished, brilliantly colored interior plaster finishes. It is applied in thin, translucent patches to create a rich visual finish with the illusion of depth and substance.
  • Marmarino –  a modern version of ancient polished stucco. Marmorino creates spectacular interior and exterior finishes. Highly versatile, it provides textures that range from smooth to distressed, from organic to stone-like. “Marmarino” means simple marble and gets its name from powdered marble dust which, along with the slaked lime putty base, give the plaster its unique character.
  • Tuscany – Create a “cloudy” Old World look that emulates the texture of antique honed stone. Its smooth burnished surface if given added character by subtle pits and etchings. As its name implies, Tuscany is at home in fine residences or classical business establishments. It is integrally colored and formulated with both Portland cement and lime for interior and exterior applications.

Texston starts with time tested materials, like slaked lime using marble dust, ground dolomite and fade-proof mineral oxide pigments – then aged for over a year in underground pits. Modern polymers and admixtures are added for easier application, greater durability and enhanced performance. These materials age gracefully so that your buildings will be beautiful today; and even more beautiful tomorrow.

Color selection is unlimited, and additional tones can be achieved by blending two or more colors on the wall during application. While basic technique are simple enough for any skilled plasterer or decorative contractor to apply, the versatility of Texston plasterers give more skilled craftsmen rein to create all sorts of special effects.

In addition to plasters, Texston offers a complete line of companion products including color washes, glazes, sealants, metallic powders, waxes and specialty tools.
Talk to your ProCoat Systems sales representative to find out how these beautiful products may fit into your next residential or commercial building project.


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