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Realstone Systems – Carefully Crafted and Environmentally Friendly

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Realstone Systems’ elegant real stone veneer is carefully crafted by stone artisans from reclaimed natural stone to create truly original solid stone veneers. The artisans follow specific guidelines, so that the finished stone blends perfectly in color and texture to enhance the natural elements only real quartz, marble and other natural stone can display. After expert cutting, the stone is bonded together into panels, planks, tiles, and architectural accents of thin, natural stone veneer. Realstone is an extremely versatile product. The panels, and planks are ideal for interior wall cladding, flooring and accent areas such as fireplace surrounds. These panels work equally well for interior or exterior projects like outdoor and indoor kitchen backsplashes. A designer’s creativity is the limit with Realstone veneer colors, styles and arrangements. Realstone has one of the largest product lines of any real stone veneer.

The vast majority of Realstone products are created from stone tailings of quarries that produce slabs and tile products, which helps further utilize what was once discarded as waste, or crushed into gravel. Realstone utilizes these tailings by cutting its finished products into small pieces, then they are assembled into mosaic panels using adhesives that are 100% free of volatile compounds. As a thin stone veneer product, Realstone also uses much less stone then traditional stone. The thin size of Realstone products means they are simple to install with very little additional wall prep or support; and their large size means rapid installation.

Come to ProCoat Systems showrooms in Denver and Ft. Collins to find an extensive choice of this beautiful, and environmentally green product that true stone artisans create.

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