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McNear Brick & Block – Combining Old World Skill with Modern Technology

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McNear Brick & Block was founded in 1868, employing artisans experienced in brick making. The company is the oldest residential and commercial brick makers in California. Regardless of its long history in brick making, McNear is not content with doing the same thing that made it such a long-standing company. Changing processes to meet current tastes and building requirements, McNear’s brick products are now made of at least 40% recycled material. Using modern firing and molding technology, the company has added thin bricks to their already extensive product line to meet the need for quicker applications and almost equal durability.

McNear bricks are distributed nationally for use by architects, builders, and homeowners.

The product line comes in 20 different colors with multiple shapes and styles. This versatility means that they can be used on any building design from a clean modern look to a distressed traditional style. Use McNear bricks to recreate the look of a contemporary loft, or a historical home. McNear thin bricks have the same quality colors, shapes, and finishes of their full clay bricks, and are just as long-lasting. Their thinner size means that building designs using thin bricks have no weight limits, and do not need extra footings.

McNear bricks and thin bricks are special order products. If brick is the desired look for your home or office building, consider McNear Bricks! Come and see this versatile and beautiful brick for yourself in our Denver or Ft. Collins showrooms.

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