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 ProCoat Waterproofing Line Card 2014


ProCoat System offers a wide variety of sealants for caulking and filling all types of construction joints. From concrete parking decks, to metal clad curtain walls and window frames, masonry walls, stucco or stone sealing. We offer acrylic sealant for interior wall joints; epoxy sealants for pick proof and security sealant applications, polyureas for warehouse floor sealing; silicone for  curtain wall, wet seal and roadway applications; urethane sealants for masonry and stucco walls as well as flat work and site expansion joint sealing. We also offer all the accessory products: backer rod, caulking guns and finishing tools for a complete application. We feature BASF, Sonneborn, Pecora, Willamette Valley, and Euclid Sealants. The most popular products from Euclid Chemical are:

  • Euco Speed MP: Fast set repair mortar magnesium phosphate
  • Speedcrete: Rapid setting horizontal repair mortar
  • Duraltop Gel: Polymer modified for vertical overhead pathing
  • Dural 50 LM: Ultra low viscosity, low modulus epoxy
  • Dural 335: Ultra low viscosity “healer sealer” epoxy
  • Eucopoxy Tufcoat: Epoxy flooring
  • Euco Diamond Hard: Densifiers for concrete
  • Eucosil: Densifier, sealer and dustproofer for concrete

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