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Pecora Corporation


Founded in 1862, the Pecora Corporation is an American manufacturer of architectural weatherproofing products, including, silicone,urethane and acrylic sealants and concrete repair products and protective coatings.

Urethane sealants

• Dynatrol 1: One part urethane sealant
• Dynatrol 2: 2 part urethane sealant for vertical wall joints
• Dynatrol 2: SG -2 part urethane for horizontal applications
• Dynatred: higher durometer urethane sealant for horizontal applications

Security Sealants
Dynaflex-urethane security sealant

• Dynapoxy EP-1200-Long pot life pick proof epoxy sealant

Silicone Sealants

• 890 FTS Field tintable silicone sealant: In smooth and texture
• 864 NST, 890 NST, 895 NST Non-staining: Silicone technology for architectural and structural silicones
• 300/301/310/311-Silicone Sealants: for Roadway and parking deck applications Sil-Span-Prefabricated Silicone: Profiles for bridging joints

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