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Backer Rod and Accessories for Sealants



Backer Rod Manufacturing Inc

  • Mile High Foam closed cell foam
  • Denver Foam open cell foam backerod
  • Sof Rod closed cell foam backer rod
  • Ultra Block-fire barrier

Owens Corning-FOAMULAR “Pink Board”

  • FOAMULAR commercial foam insulation products and systems

WR Meadows “Sealtight”Protection Board

  • Protection Course PC-s and PC-3; Asphalt Protection Board for waterproofing systems-multi-ply semi rigid core; mineral fortified asphalt core in 1/8” and ¼” thicknesses
  • Vibraflex Asphalt Panel Bridge Protection Course- multi-ply reinforced asphalt core protection board for bridge decks

JDR Enterprises

  • J-DRain Drainage systems-geonet and dimple core drainage composites

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