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ProCoat Systems Stocking only Premier Manufactured Stone Products From Boral and Coronado

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Denver, CO – ProCoat Systems, a 30-year supplier of exterior products like stucco and natural stone, has expanded their offering of manufactured stone from leading producers Boral Cultured Stone and Coronado Stone. Denver is one of the largest markets in the country for stone exteriors, and manufactured stone is becoming a more widely popular option among homeowners because although it is not quite like genuine natural stone, it has a lot of advantages that are attractive to homeowners, builders and tradesmen alike.

The most obvious appeal of manufactured stone is that it effectively replicates the look of natural stone, but at a significantly lower cost, in development, shipping and installation. In addition, this type of material is designed to fit together without the high degree of cutting, grinding, or chiselling that natural stone may require, and is also lighter in weight, which puts less stress on the building exterior and reduces the need for more structure to support the exterior. Brick, in contrast, requires a footer, an anchor wall and special support over windows and doors.

The second biggest appeal is the cost. Manufactured stone is much cheaper to produce because it is made from a cementitious formula, so while real stone has to be quarried from the natural veins of limestone, granite or sandstone, the base ingredient of manufactured stone is common cement. The other cost savings is manufacturers have become very sophisticated in creating a stone system that will install easily and look as good as the work of any journeyman mason. And, as with all construction, time and efficiency equal money.

Although selecting from ProCoat Systems’ huge variety of products may be difficult for some homeowners, ProCoat has several trained craftsmen who have vast experience with the different products and are eager to assist undecided customers and busy contractors alike in their design selection process. In order to illustrate how products will look when they are finished, ProCoat also just completed outdoor displays and sample walls that can ultimately help customers find the right stone for their projects.

ProCoat Systems also has a wide range of other products available in their inventory; whether customers are looking for manufactured stone veneer, cultured stone, stone veneer or stucco, ProCoat Systems is able to meet the diverse tastes of all builders from Denver to Fort Collins.

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ProCoat Systems was first established in 1984 and has since been providing great technical support, service, and quality products that vary from interior to exterior home coverings. ProCoat Systems hopes to aid customers with all their outdoor remodelling needs; whether they require manufactured stone veneer, cultured stone, or natural stone veneer, Denver’s ProCoat Systems has all the necessary hardscape and exterior and interior wall covering products. ProCoat Systems’ knowledgeable and experienced professionals continually provide exterior supplies for home-building as well as remodelling and construction services. To learn more about ProCoat Systems visit