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Fireplace Stone Veneer in Denver—ProCoat Systems is Your One Stop Shop

Filed under: Stone Veneer — Tags: — procoat @ 4:12 pm December 28, 2018

In the years before ProCoat Systems started bringing world-class fireplace stone veneer to Denver, having a fireplace of any type meant red or tan brick, unless you were wealthy and could afford stone masonry expertise.

Fireplace Stone Veneer as an alternative makeoverNow, with ProCoat Systems’ variety of fireplace stone veneer available in Denver, there are little or no limits on what your fireplace can look like, indoors or out. It is no longer necessary to know how to lay bricks or to cut or endlessly mix and match stones to finish out a fireplace. In this golden age of fireplace stone veneers in Denver, a factory has done all of the hard work in making either cement based cultured stone panels that easily pass for the real thing, or have taken actual thin cut natural stone and turned that into an easy to install panel-based product.

With a lot of the labor removed from the creation of spectacular indoor or outdoor fireplaces in Denver, stone veneer not only satisfies the tastes of the end user, it saves you time as a contractor. Best of all, using fireplace stone veneer only requires you to become an expert at one thing: installing stone veneer, a task that ProCoat Systems can help you master through hands on product training.

Whether your client wants a rugged Western themed look with irregular river rock patterns, or a brick Spanish Colonial style outdoor fireplace, you can just fulfill those visions with prefabricated stone veneer, many of which come complete with finishing or accessory pieces, that can outfit even the most unusual room or design geometry.

Aside from their vast stone type options and various cuts and finishes, the best part of offering fireplace stone veneer to your Denver clients is the money savings. There is literally a product that can fill the budget of most any fireplace project. From a standalone fireplace to one with full hearth extensions and incorporated stone bench seating, the imagination of the designer is the only limit of these stone veneer products.

For more information, or for a hands on product demonstration for any of our fireplace stone veneer product lines, contact us today.