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Sto Stucco Systems Offer More Than a Beautiful Exterior

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Sto is the leading developer and producer of the highest quality cladding systems designed to protect buildings from the elements, eliminate moisture, preserve energy, and look great. And, StoPowerwall® Stucco Systems are easier to apply than standard stucco and are presented in a wide range of colors and textures for aesthetic balance. (more…)

Traditional Stucco Claddings and Water Management

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Traditional stucco claddings


Stucco buildings have been around for centuries. Many scientists believe that even the pyramids of Egypt were coated in a white stucco substance made from volcanic ash in the beginning. Though some material has endured over 1000 years, attractive and durable stucco gained substantial prominence in Europe and North America with the development of Portland cement as a binding ingredient in 1843. After that time, stucco coatings gained significant popularity and became a cladding of choice during the first part of the twentieth century. (more…)

What are STO Stucco Systems?

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stucco systemsSTO Corp has been an innovator of many types of construction exteriors. Rather than producing a single purpose coating to clad the exterior surface of a building, STO manufactures systems consisting of materials that provide sophisticated insulation and moisture barriers, as well. STO Stucco System provides the ultimate in appearance, energy efficiency, ease of application, and moisture resistance. The coating and finish are integrated with other high-performance layers to create just the right combination of insulation,  flexibility, and endurance. (more…)

Sto™ Stucco—Perfect For Salt Lake City

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If you want a wall covering system that has stood the test of time, is code compliant, and features world-class moisture management and myriad design options, look no further than Sto™ stucco for your Salt Lake City region projects. Going with Sto™ stucco systems will yield a low maintenance, durable and flexible wall cladding that easily incorporates insulation options. (more…)

What is the difference between stucco and plaster in your Salt Lake City building?

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There’s often confusion about the difference between stucco and plaster, especially among homeowners. What do the two terms mean? Plaster is a pasty mixture of lime or gypsum, water and sand that is applied to a wall surface as protection. Stucco is made of aggregates, binding chemicals and water. Both are used in Salt Lake City architecture. For homeowners, the two terms have become interchangeable, which can, at the least, cause confusion, and much worse misaligned expectations. What’s useful is for contractors to look at the different types of stucco and explain to homeowners how they should be used. (more…)