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Boral Versetta Stone Veneer

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A global leader in high-quality material and construction materials, Boral Limited continues to develop innovative easy-to-install solutions that create style, grandeur, and sustainability for interior and exterior surfaces. The Versetta line of manufactured stone veneers provide home and business owners a wide range of new looks for new construction or remodeling.


ProCoat Systems, a Denver-based supplier of high quality building cladding products, has chosen to partner with Boral because of the beauty and practicality of their broad range of products. One particular line, Boral Versetta Stone® revolutionizes the installation of stone veneers to achieve the appearance and elegance of natural stone products.

How Are Versetta Stone Veneer Products Installed?

Over the years, Boral has perfected the art of creating manufactured stone products to duplicate the colors, textures, and durability of natural stone. These products are designed for easy handling and installation to save substantial time and money.

Installation of Versetta Stone Veneer panels is similar to the methods used for installing other types of siding. The interlocking panels are 8” x 36” in size with 26-guage galvanized nailing strips which are guaranteed for non-corrosion for 60 years. Versetta products have with flat panels underneath, and employ universal corners, mechanical fasteners, and flashing to attach the panels to any substrate. Nail gun, hammer, drill, measuring device, and safety equipment are the essential equipment required. There is no need for mortar or natural stone cutting saws.

The lightweight, fiber-reinforced panels are rated for wind resistance up to 110 MPH and rated Class A for fire resistance. The products are guaranteed with a 50-year limited warranty.

More information and video demonstrations regarding the simplicity of installing Boral’s Versetta Stone Veneer are available on the Boral website.

What are the Style Choices?

One major advantage to choosing Versetta Stone for interior or exterior walls is the range of styles and colors from which to choose. Styles include Ledgestone and Tight-Cut, each with a wide assortment of colors, textures and compatible accessories such as light and receptacle boxes, trim stones, and wainscot caps and sills.

Ledgestone and Tight-Cut styles and colors range from nearly white Sand to very dark Graphite. In between are Mission Point, Terra Rosa, and Sterling.

And, Boral provides Stone CAD (computer aided design) that superimposes any choice of Versetta design over photographs of existing walls and exterior surfaces to determine the ideal choice of designs.

For More Information Contact ProCoat of Denver

ProCoat specializes in the world’s finest construction and cladding materials. A valued partner of Boral, ProCoat experts can advise you of the best solutions and installation procedures for Boral Versetta products.

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