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From the Waterproofing Division

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You’re as cold as ice…

          The cold weather has officially made its presence felt. Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean the job stops.

    • In extreme cold, the joint being sealed is at its widest point due to contraction of the substrate. In the future, the sealant will undergo major stress, as the substrate constricts due to rising temperatures .
    • It is best to keep in mind, the lower the temperature the longer the curing time. Storing your sealant in a warm area before using helps the sealant spread easier and tool better.
    • The possibility of frost in colder temperatures can prevent the adhesion of the sealant to stick to the surface.  When frost is present, failure of the job follows close behind. Always be aware of th
    • e environment and the existing risks.

At ProCoat Systems, we stock a brilliant sealant by the name of Sonolastic 150 VLM. Available in twelve colors, this BASF product can be applied all the way down to twenty degrees Fahrenheit. Being an elastomeric silyl-terminated polyether hybrid, this diverse paintable product can be applied to aluminum, concrete, glass, stucco and a wide range of other substrates.  Please call the office for any questions.   Stay warm and enjoy your week!