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Turn Your Basic Retaining Wall into a Landscape Highlight with Stone Veneer from Denver’s ProCoat Systems

Filed under: Press Release — procoat @ 2:09 pm July 31, 2015

When it comes to creating dramatic visual appeal of your landscape, most homeowners overlook the potential of retaining walls. Although they may seem like simple structural components, with the right design, they can make a great eye-catching landscape element to give your yard flair. Our Denver experts at ProCoat Systems outline some advice on why you should consider stone veneer for your project.

Create Unique Effects While Retaining that Steep Slope
The dirt retention properties of retaining walls can be used to create a drop down or stepped up effect. For example, retaining a higher elevation in your front yard from the sidewalk can create a nice visual appeal as well as level out your yard.Denver Stone veneerDenver Stone veneer

Denver Stone veneer

One of the biggest benefits of our products is the ability to use them on existing concrete retaining walls. Not only is this a great way to dramatically change the look of a boring element, it allows you to avoid the much bigger expense of a new retaining wall. And it’s not only concrete you can cover, but any hard solid surface, like brick, as well.

DIY Options
ProCoat Systems works with a variety of stonemasons who are highly experienced artisans. However, if you intend to take on a retaining wall project on your own, there are a few things that will make your wall look like it was professionally installed:
• Clear your wall surface of dirt, or protruding concrete left over from the concrete forms
• Choose stone that is rated for outdoor applications, as some stone doesn’t hold up as well in freeze-thaw climates
• Use veneer stone mortar that is rated for outdoor application to keep pieces from popping off
• Always buy a few feet extra from what you will need so that veneer pieces from the same lot can be used in the event of future damage

Different Stone Can Compliment Different Architecture
Whether the home is contemporary, modern, or rustic, there is a variety of stone and application styles to augment the architecture. Since stone is one of the last elements to go into a build, it’s imperative to get the right material and style for the particular project. That is why it’s a good idea to choose your selection where you can see and get a sense for how it will look on your wall, because it’s usually too late to change your mind once the material has been delivered to the job site and is being installed.

With our variety of stone veneer products on large displays, exterior rated mortar and expert advice, you will have everything you need to create a beautiful, yet functional element on your home, or in your yard. Our easy-to-install products and natural veneers can be used on straight walls, or curved surfaces like a fire pit to bring whatever hard surface you want to cover to a higher visual appeal.

At ProCoat Systems, we offer a great selection of Denver stone veneers in both natural and manufactured stone varieties. Talk with our experts today about which products will fit your specific vision and yard characteristics by giving us a call at 303-322-9009.