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Something Completely Different in Patio Pavers

Filed under: Patio Pavers — procoat @ 4:44 pm March 10, 2016

Due to the harsh climate challenges and expense of keeping an outdoor pool in good repair year after year, they remain relatively rare in the Denver or Fort Collins. What are anything but rare are the various above ground hot tubs and built in jacuzzis or spas that are popular backyard cold weather retreats for many people. When installing one of these hot spots, your client is likely going to want a patio paver solution or even a type of pool decking solution.

Whether installed above or below ground, both classes of heated water recreation are either installed upon, or made from, concrete when installed to code. For excavated and built in jacuzzis and spas, to prevent electrocution, they are required to have a permanent surface bonding solution to segregate the water from any source of electricity powering the unit. Hot tubs are generally placed upon existing patio concrete, when possible, or sited upon a dedicated slab poured for the purpose.

At ProCoat Systems, we agree with many people of refined taste that poured concrete is not very aesthetically pleasing. The path to, and surround of, a hot tub, or covering a poured concrete surround for a built in spa is a relatively straightforward feat. Patio pavers allow the easy addition of high class to these backyard retreats, giving them a “wow factor” never achieved with a concrete pour.

Blog2 ProCoat-KW Patio Pavers 3-16For the Denver area’s decidedly western and rustic design ethos, one particularly exciting product for a “pool deck” or a hot tub surround is Belgard’s Sundeck series, which are actually porcelain patio pavers designed to closely resemble wood. Available in colors that evoke mahogany, oak, or weathered oak, each plank is 11.73 x 47.17 x ¾ inches, to complete the illusion of a wood deck that won’t rot, warp, or fade, while also not being as slick when wet as finished concrete can be.

For solid walkways, such as those to remotely located hot tubs built with a gazebo surround, Belgard’s traditional interlocking concrete pavers mimicking either classical flagstones, hewn rock, or natural stone tiles, are also a great choice in such an application. With nine popular styles, from cobbles to slabs, and even more colors to choose from, a Belgard patio paver can be found to complete anyone’s design vision.

Even though hot tub systems are designed for a wow factor in and of themselves, putting them on a pedestal of patio pavers in Denver, Fort Collins, or anywhere in the mountains, creates the ultimate impression. For more information or samples of the patio pavers we carry, contact us.