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Salt Lake City Stucco Materials for Exterior Wall Systems

Both indoors and out, stucco wall cladding is an integral feature of Salt Lake City architecture. Whether applied to contemporary buildings, or houses with Spanish Colonial or Mission style for a taste of Old World craftsmanship, stucco weathers superbly.

As a contractor, you can’t risk your reputation on a stucco installation that will fail in short order. ProCoat Systems doesn’t just sell stucco, we offer integrated solutions, decades of expertise and product knowledge, as well as every tool to ensure your success. We already know what materials and techniques work in weather extremes, and which don’t.

In exterior applications, you and your clients want a beautiful stucco installation that will stand up to the tests of time and weathering. To that end, we only stock product lines that we know are going to work in the Salt Lake City climate.

We exclusively offer the complete wall installation solutions available from Sto Corporation, whether you want stucco or an exterior insulation finishing system. When installed in conjunction with products from Quikcrete, and Structa wire lath products, Sto offers a joint warranty that can range up to 13 years, depending upon the configuration of the install.

Indoor Stucco and Plaster Offerings

If your client demands the beauty of the finest plaster wall and ceiling solutions ever seen in Europe or back east, we offer modern solutions from Texston:

  • Veneciano, also known as Venetian Plaster, is a slaked lime putty plaster. This material is used to create highly polished, and/or vividly colored finishes.
  • Marmarino creates spectacular interior and exterior finishes. It uses marble dust additives in slaked lime putty plaster to create stone like or distressed surface textures.
  • Tuscany, is the cloudy Old World interior plaster look that creates the illusion of honed stone, complete with random pits and etchings. As it uses Portland cement in its formulation, it can be applied outdoors if so wished.

In addition to plasters, Texston offers a complete line of companion products including color washes, glazes, sealants, metallic powders, waxes and specialty tools.

ProCoat Systems SLC also knows that your time is money and you don’t want to shop multiple suppliers for what you need. If your job requires control joints, expansion joints, glazes, expanded styrene sheet stock, expanded lath, drainage wrap, stucco wrap, Tyvek, electrogalvanized pneumatic staples, or just some joint tape, we carry everything you need. Give us a call today at 801-410-4345 to schedule a time to meet with one of our stucco materials specialists in our new Salt Lake City showroom today.

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