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Manufactured Stone Veneer

Manufactured stone veneer, sometimes also just called manufactured stone, at first seems indistinguishable from cultured stone veneer products except for in price. At ProCoat Systems of Salt Lake City, we are often asked what accounts for the price difference between the manufactured stone and cultured stone veneer products we carry. When made by a world-class manufacturer like Cultured Stone, the difference in quality and architectural detail between the products becomes immediately apparent.

It can be fairly said that a cultured stone veneer is an attempt at what is called “faux stone.” Nearly the entire effort at creating the illusion of stone is in the art of the mold making by artisans. This is an excellent approach when cost is the driving concern.

In manufactured stone veneer, the molds used are faithful reproductions of an actual stone panel assembled by hand at the factory. In cultured stone, molds are an artisan’s interpretation of what a dry stacked ledge stone panel looks like. In manufactured veneer, the molds are actual copies of many different real stone panels, designed to compliment one another across the face of your installation.

While many fine details can be carved into a latex mold by an artist, only an actual casting of real rocks captures all of the little nooks, crannies, pockmarks, and other natural features that complete the illusion of real stones being used in the panel. A world class manufactured stone veneer, such as those carried at ProCoat Systems SLC, requires a very close inspection to tell these panels apart from natural stone veneer.

Not only are manufactured stone veneers made to look like real stones, they are made to standards that begin to approach the durability of stone too. Though both cultured stone and manufactured stone are made from cast concrete, manufactured stone veneer is made to a higher standard. For instance, Cultured Stone manufactured stone veneer is pigmented throughout the panel, not just on the surface as is the manufacturing custom in cultured stone products. This attention to detail ensures the long term color consistency of the installation against UV fading and weathering.

Cultured Stone features over 50 different painstakingly accurate patterns, in a vast array of color choices. No matter which style is chosen, all are guaranteed for 50 years when properly installed by experienced contractors.

Stop by our West Valley City showroom and get a first hand acquaintance with the quality of a world class manufactured stone veneer.

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