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ProCoat Systems Recommends Care and Some Education when Selecting Natural Stone Veneer

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Denver, CO – In ProCoat Systems’ 30-years in the exterior cladding business, a lot of changes have occurred with materials and consumer tastes. However, one thing is timeless: cladding a home or commercial building in natural stone veneer for the beauty and the protection it provides. And even though Colorado is one of the largest markets for natural stone exteriors, common mistakes still happen based on consumers choosing their stone based solely on look over whether it can withstand the harsh Colorado climate.

One would think “stone is stone” and what came from the earth must surely be impervious to climate, and that is where the misperception can cause homeowners to unwittingly select certain natural stone veneers or styles that are wrong for the Colorado climate, like some Texas limestone. While Texas limestone looks great and reminds all those southern transplants of their home state, some of it is just too soft for the harsh freeze/thaw conditions of Colorado. The result: stone facades that eventually erode off the wall they are affixed to. It is important for customers to ask the supplier if the material they are looking at is suitable for Colorado’s climate.

Dolomitic limestone quarried from the Great Lakes area of the upper Midwest, or the beautiful sandstones of Oklahoma, Kansas or Arkansas on the other hand, is much harder, and therefore is impervious to moisture and freeze-thaw-freeze conditions that occur almost daily during a Colorado winter. While stone types may look to have the same properties to the average consumer, only seasoned contractors or the stone experts at ProCoat Systems can tell which would be the better choice for application in Colorado.

Dolomitic Limestone

Dolomitic Limestone

Texas Limestone

Texas Limestone

  Other common issues with stone work in Colorado

One other common issue that ProCoat sees on a regular basis with exterior stonework is pieces of stone popping off the wall, or an effervescence occurring on the surface of the rock over time. These are generally occurrences from “dry stacking” where there is no mortar between the joints, but instead the pieces fit closely together and are only affixed with thin set mortar on the back, and not in between the joints. While drystack creates a very clean look, Colorado freeze/thaw conditions allow moisture to wick behind the stone, freeze and either push the stone out of it’s mortar bed, or allows the lime in the mortar backing to leach out to the face of the rock, leaving an unsightly chalky film over parts of the stone face.

The drystack look is so popular with so many different styles and natural stone veneers that their use will not likely disappear any time soon, so at the very least, Procoat recommends using more flexible mortar mixes that allows for wider expansion/contraction of the affixed stone on the wall, so pieces aren’t as susceptible to popping.

Stone veneer, whether natural stone, or manufactured stone, can create that rich, timeless look that helps define a home’s value. While the cost of such coverings can be recaptured in resale value, homeowners should be aware of what to use and what will cause them repair costs in the future. ProCoat Systems sales staff can help homeowners decide what material is best for their conditions, both exterior and financial. Stop in to view ProCoat’s extensive displays of natural stone veneer in Denver or Fort Collins. One thing any homeowner or contractor can be certain: ProCoat only stocks or distributes stone that is sufficient for the Colorado climate.

ProCoat Systems also has a wide range of other products available in their inventory; whether customers are looking for manufactured stone veneer, cultured stone, stone veneer or stucco, ProCoat Systems is able to meet the diverse tastes of all builders from Denver to Fort Collins.

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