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ProCoat Systems Denver—The Magic of Permeable Patio Pavers

Filed under: Articles — procoat @ 8:41 pm June 14, 2016

With the arrival of summer in Denver and along the Front Range, cloudburst season is on its way too. The problem with traditional hardscapes and patio pavers is their impermeability to water. When the rain comes down hard, as it often does in the Front Range, it can be disconcerting to watch a spontaneous flash flood taking place on your back patio or in your driveway. 

Patio PaversManaging Run Off

If you’d like to better manage run-off on your property, whether it is to slow down the rate at which water pours off of your existing hard surfaces, or you want to stop erosion in a particular trouble spot, Belgard may have created the solution with their series of permeable patio pavers.

With Belgard you don’t have to make a choice between pretty and permeability. Belgard’s permeable interlocking concrete pavers are installed with layers of stone aggregate underneath. This base allows the water to filter through the pavers and allows it to seep naturally to either storm water systems, or to the watershed, replicating the way that water naturally gets absorbed into the soil.

With the delicate balancing act between water consumption and conservation in Colorado, the slower capture and release of sudden downpours benefits everyone and the environment. Permeable patio pavers reduce the sudden strain on municipal storm water systems or help mitigate the sudden flooding of nearby creeks by not concentrating the water flow from your property. Also, by not suddenly rerouting all of the water that fell on your hardscapes, water gradually migrates into the watershed, recharging streams and rivers at a more sustainable rate.

Controlling Erosion

Another use of permeable pavers is on slopes subject to runoff erosion, or at the base of retaining walls, where flow to a buried perforated drain is often just an unsightly overlay of gravel upon the ground.

With permeable patio pavers you can dress up the hard surfaces at the base of toe drains or scuppers in your retaining walls. Unlike loose surface gravel, permeable patio pavers will stay where they are installed, look like a traditional walkway, and won’t present loose stones for throwing by power equipment.

For more information regarding Belgard’s line of water permeable patio pavers contact ProCoat Systems, or come by and see us at either 4343 Holly St, Denver 303-322-9009 – or 825 S.W. Frontage Rd., Fort Collins, 970-484-5557.