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Pavestone Pavers, Your Value Choice For Permeable Precast Pavers

Filed under: Patio Pavers — procoat @ 3:36 pm October 17, 2015

At ProCoat Systems we are big fans of concrete paver installations. Here in Colorado, controlling rain and snowmelt runoff is a big issue and impermeable paving solutions like poured concrete and asphalt help to overwhelm our local flooding control measures by channeling water into the storm sewers almost as fast as the moisture develops.

The problem with interlocking permeable paver installations is that they are usually used in larger installations, where the amount of pavers and the duration of the labor required to lay them down quickly begins to mount. Those problems are where Pavestone Pavers fill a crucial role in this market by being both economical, easy to use, and even machine installable.

Pavestone offers two differently constructed permeable paver types, “through mix”, which has the pigment mixed throughout the cast concrete paver, and face mix, which consists of a base layer overlaid with a 7-10mm thick pigmentation layer. The face mix technique allows Pavestone to offer colors that would be difficult to concentrate sufficiently in a through mix formed paver. Though Pavestone maintains that the pigmentation layer will serve “a lifetime” without unduly fading, the obvious drawback compared to a through mix formed paver is that surface damage to the pigmentation layer will have the potential to expose the uncolored base layer beneath.procoat

Nevertheless, Pavestone manages to offer a dizzying array of design styles, colors, and sizes, one of which is certain to draw your client’s eye. All Pavestone Paver products meet ASTM industry standards, and at an attractive price point. Pavestone Pavers, particularly installed over aggregate substrates, are fairly common in our state, and time tested against Colorado’s highly variable weather conditions, making them perfect for use as driveways, patios, pool surrounds, walkways, and courtyards where both cost and permeability to surface water are highly desirable installation details. Pavestone Pavers also come in several series of specialized open and closed cell interlock designs to better install over unleveled ground contours.

If you want to learn more about the Pavestone Pavers that ProCoat distributes and recommends, don’t hesitate to contact us, or visit our conveniently located Denver or Fort Collins locations. Please make a reservation for a planned visit so that we best serve you and answer as many of your questions about the products we carry as we can.