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Natural Stone Veneer in Your Interior Design: Easy on the Eyes and Mind

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Although it may not be something you consciously think about, there are multiple studies that have found a link between nature and positive mental health, mood and productivity. Theart of Feng Shui considers earth as one of the five core elements of its philosophy and essential for relaxation, stability and health. At ProCoat Systems, our natural stone veneer products are a great way to keep your home close to nature and immerse yourself with positive earth energy.

Mental Restoration

Even outside of the Feng Shui philosophy, research shows that simply having a view of nature can improve focus and have a restorative effect on the mind. In fact, many hospitals, rehabilitation centers and medical facilities incorporate natural elements into their building designs. Studies have actually shown that recovery rates for those with rooms that look out onto trees are higher than those that do not.

Natural Stone Veneer

Incorporating our natural products into your home design is a great way to bring earth and restoration into your property. There are many different ways that you can accomplish this and our experts can guide you in the right direction to ensure that you make it happen. Some ideas include:

  • Finishing your backsplash with stone veneer
  • Installing an entire stone veneer wall in your office space
  • Utilizing a fireplace or even an interior water fixture

Designs that incorporate a touch of stone take human psychology into consideration and can accelerate healing processes, improve your focus and reduce the strains of depression and anxiety.

Our Showroom

For those looking to get a firsthand look at our materials, our showroom conveniently contains most of our current inventory items. This is a great way to help you get a true feel for the visual appearance of our products and how this will affect and contribute to your design project.

At ProCoat Systems, we have a wide variety of natural stone veneer options for you to choose from. When it comes to incorporating nature into your home, our sales staff will ensure that you can do so with ease and select the perfect style and color combinations to increase the psychological comfort of your space. For more information or further questions, give us a call at 303-322-9009 and we’ll be happy to guide your design choices.