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Natural Stone Veneer Becomes Art In It’s Own Right

Filed under: Press Release — Tags: — procoat @ 4:17 pm September 12, 2015

With stone cladding for homes, it used to be “function over form”, mainly because with limited styles, that was all it could be: real or manufactured stone that looked just “ok” but did the job it was intended to do: protect the exterior from the elements. Then, as manufactured stone became more sophisticated in emulating natural stone veneer, creators let their artistic side come through. Now, “form” and “function” have equal billing. 

ProCoat Systems, Denver’s premier distributor of both real and manufactured thin stone veneers is providing new stone products that not only covers a wall, but makes that wall come alive like a piece of 3 dimensional art. And the results are stunning: products like Realstone Systems’ “Chiseled Cream” or “Etched Cream” Hive are modular pieces of real stone that have been cut to exact dimensions in size, but also chiseled on their face that when assembled on a wall, create a discernable 3D effect that, until now, could only be painted or computer simulated.

The effects are nothing less than art, which is exactly what ProCoat Systems is aiming for with architects, builders and home owners. The additional beauty of this natural stone veneer is the ease of application: the stone must obviously be applied on a flat, stable surface, but because the pieces fit so tightly together, they can be installed with or without grout, using adhesive on the wall surface as well as the hive piece. Etched Cream Hive - Natural Stone Veener

The natural stone can be either travertine or marble, in a variety of colors ranging from cream as pictured, to soft browns. The application, while best for indoor, can be used in Colorado’s harsh freeze/thaw temperature fluctuations as long as an exterior rated thinset is used.

The manufacturing process uses facing technology perfected in the granite slab industry that uses small, precise brushes to hone away enough of the surface of the pre-cut 9.5”x8.625” tiles to create the three dimensional impression of each stone individually that alone creates a box effect or, when placed together, creates that dramatic expanse of texture that not only provides function as a really interesting way to cover a wall, but also negates the need for any additional framed art pieces.

Now sold as special order through ProCoat Systems, architects, interior designers, and homeowners looking for that special design element need look no further. Come in to ProCoat today in Denver or Fort Collins to see in person what images just can’t relay. Call ProCoat Systems at 303.322.9009 to schedule an appointment with a stone expert to see a variety of stone veneer options like no other.