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Dispelling Some Marketing Myths Surrounding Manufactured Stone Veneers

Filed under: manufactured stone veneer — procoat @ 3:43 pm October 27, 2015

At ProCoat Systems of Denver and Fort Collins, we never cease to be amazed by the marketing literature back and forth between the manufacturers of natural stone veneers and the makers of manufactured stone veneers. If you long peruse the internet regarding this debate you’d be excused if you thought natural stone veneers were too heavy and expensive to use on a stick frame built house and that if you opted for manufactured stone veneer you’d be fated to watch it discolor before your eyes and crumble from the wall.

We are agnostics in this holy war of marketing. We represent the makers of both types of stone veneer and we don’t play favorites. We listen to our contractors, and the end customers, and offer stone veneer solutions that make the most sense for both the project and the budget.procoat

However, we wanted to take the time to settle a few myths about manufactured stone veneer in Denver that seem to have developed over the years since this niche of products hit the market. As they say, at the heart of every myth is a grain of the truth, and so it is with manufactured stone veneers.

Have there ever been manufactured stone veneers that were poorly made, and not pigment stable, or incapable of dealing with Colorado’s weather extremes without heaving off the wall? No doubt this has happened in certain conditions, but ProCoat Systems has always been dedicated to bringing to market only those manufactured stone veneers we’d be proud to use on our own projects. When you visit our products page, you don’t get a list of every manufactured stone veneer company, nor do you see a list of redistributors for the latest popup companies from Asia.

What you see there are the giants of this industry, companies like Boral and Coronado –companies that only deal in unstinting R&D, quality and manufacturing their products to an unrelentingly high standard.

When you come to ProCoat Systems of Denver in person, you can feel for yourself the high quality manufacturing details, both front and back, that are in a top flight manufactured stone veneer panel.

Are manufactured stone veneers every last bit the equal of the best natural stone veneers out there? Obviously, no, because you are comparing natural rock to manufactured, but if budget is a consideration, we would stack the viability of manufactured up to natural and be confident in doing so.