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Denver Natural Stone Veneer Provider ProCoat Systems Offers Stone Veneer Application Advice

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Denver, Colorado – December 3, 2014 – Denver natural stone veneer company ProCoat Systems is stressing the importance of proper application procedures to all of their customers. With a variety of stone sizes and types, application needs to be carefully catered to your specific stone and the design that you are striving for.

Despite the fact that natural stone veneers have a history of being used exclusively for exterior cladding, people these days are using them for numerous interior purposes including backsplashes, wall accents and shower enclosures.  People are even creating entire walls accent walls clad in stone. Although these veneers can be applied to any structurally sound wall, the end use of your veneer will ultimately determine the proper application procedures.

The most important consideration when installing natural stone veneer to an interior area is to make sure the wall or surface area is able to handle the product. Natural stone veneer is heavy making most typical drywall or sheetrock in homes unsuitable for installation. The application of cement board on top of the existing wall or surface, followed by the stone veneer, will ensure the stone has the proper support to last.

When deciding where you want to install natural stone veneer the most basic starting point is looking at the size of the area you would like to update. Larger stones are best suited for larger areas such as an accent wall, whereas smaller stones are best for smaller areas such as a kitchen backsplash. For example, when small stones are used in a large space it throws off perspective for people in the room.

Placing stone veneers in the interior of your home can have the same energy benefits that are gained by using stone on the exterior of a home. An energy tip that is universal for all stone types is to install them on the inside, south facing wall, as this helps retain heat in the wintertime and can curb your heating costs.

ProCoat Systems offers a variety of natural stone veneer products for Denver residents, ensuring that no matter where in your home you plan to use them, you will have plenty of options. Call ProCoat Systems at 303-322-9009 to talk with knowledgeable staff that helps you determine the best solutions for your home and choose the perfect stones for your vision.

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