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Cultured Stone and the Virtues of Lighter Weight

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Here at ProCoat Systems of Denver we have previously highlighted how the thermal mass of the stone veneer products we carry could be leveraged to make homes a bit more energy efficient by capturing solar heat.

However, that bit of energy savings only scratches the surface of how environmentally friendly stone veneer is when compared to a traditional whole stone product from quarry.

procoatCultured Stone Veneer Is Materially Efficient

A whole stone product begins at a quarry somewhere on the planet. An outfit that works with whole stone will sort and grade their product to mix and match it for various applications.

Cultured stone veneers rely on composite material technology to mimic the look of natural whole stone while weighing considerably less per square foot.

Through the use of computer aided design and manufacturing techniques, and the use of ultraviolet stabilized coloring additives, cultured stone veneers have come a long way from where they started. By creating hundreds of distinct rubber moldings and through using precision casting, cultured stone products no longer only solve the structural support and weight problems inherent in whole, or even natural stone veneers, they have also largely defeated the color repetition and pattern repetition criticisms of the past.

Cultured stone veneers have become so highly performing and realistic that up to 50 year warranties are available on certain products.

Less Weight Tells In Other Ways Too

In transport, the weight of a product takes a fuel toll during every leg of its journey. When you think about it, the weight savings of a cultured stone veneer are not only amazing in terms of lower initial cost for homeowners, reduced installation time for contractors, or even in reduced fuel consumption and maintenance on every truck that ever moves the product, but also in that cultured stone veneer is safer to work with too.

It is just good business sense to recommend the lighter weight cultured stone veneer over whole stone installations any time the material fits the goals of the project. Homeowners get a more environmentally conscious material choice that still looks and performs to expectations, while cultured stone veneer’s lighter weight spares installers from an increased risk of lifting injuries.

See For Yourself

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