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Manufactured Stone Veneer: Cover Those Expanses of Ugly Poured Concrete

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When your clients are looking for exciting and unique manufactured stone veneer in Denver, make an appointment to swing by ProCoat Systems and see one of Coronado’s latest offerings—Yukon Rubble. Though the name is a little unusual, the product itself is a gorgeous take on the more traditional ledge stone dry stacked look. Where traditional looking ledge stone can be considered a bit too uniform, that can’t be said of the size variations of the “stones” in this pattern, one that makes it look as if a master stone mason took the time to select each individual piece for installation. 

Yukon Rubble comes in Black Rundle, Caramel Mountain, Chablis, Dakota Brown, and even can be ordered in custom colors, which is one of the many selling points of manufactured stone veneer.

As you have come to expect from all of Coronado’s offerings, Yukon Rubble comes as a complete solution with all of the standard complimentary pieces. Whether you need corners, complementary tiles, wall caps, or post caps, there is a piece to finish the look of almost any project suitable for installing this manufactured stone veneer in Denver.manufactured stone veneer

With any manufactured stone veneer used in an exterior application in Colorado’s climate, Coronado suggests this product be sealed to protect against staining and spalling due to the freeze/thaw cycles we experience here. Sealing would be especially prudent with a ledge stone look like Yukon Rubble as the same pattern that gives it its dramatic visual flair also increases the surface area of the product that is exposed to water.

Another precaution to take when installing this manufactured stone veneer in Denver, or anywhere along the Front Range is to ensure that each stone receives a full back buttering of mortar prior to placement. This measure with prevent moisture from collecting behind the stone, where it can expand as ice and destabilize the installation over time.

Despite its more imposing look, Coronado’s Yukon Rubble is still very lightweight compared to natural stone veneers, weighing in at only seven to ten pounds per square foot.

If you would like to see samples of any of the Coronado manufactured stone veneers ProCoat Systems carries in its Denver or Fort Collins facility, make an appointment to visit with us in our showroom today by calling 303.322.9009, or visiting us online as