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Coronado Veneer Stone

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coronado veneer stone

Adding Coronado stone veneer to any interior or exterior feature of a home or building is an attractive, economical way to to convert a tired, drab appearance into an elegant and inviting location. Owners of businesses and public buildings and many homeowners have adopted Coronado stone veneers to upgrade the style and feel of their properties.

Coronado’s stone veneer is a manufactured product that has evolved over 50 years into a line of products that have all of the features, textures and appearances of real stone. Yet the products are lighter weight, easier to apply, and considerably less expensive than real stone.

ProCoat Systems also represents Coronado’s Brick Series as well as a flooring tile, and other architectural enhancements.

Make Your Selection

Coronado produces over 50 stone veneer products. During their decades of experience, Coronado technicians have tested and replicated nearly every natural stone look, shape, color, and texture combination found in limestone, granite, slate, and other types of natural rock.

Coronado produces each stone veneer piece in customized molds designed to yield the precise combinations of colors, shapes and textures. When the stone veneer is professionally applied, the result is the appearance of a natural combination of either irregular stone combinations or tightly fitted grouping of cut stone layers.

The range runs from rustic to elegant, projecting a mountain lodge-feel or a sense of classical Europe. From the clean, horizontal appearance of the Prairie Stone Group to the natural-looking Irregular-Shaped Series, Coronado stone veneers can impart just about any ambience to the interior or exterior of a home or building.

Coronado also offers a Thin-Brick Series, a line of stone veneer products that mirrors the look of real brick in a wide variety of colors and textures.

Two more stone veneer style groups, Barn Woodstone and Refined Woodstone, project the appearance of rough-hewn wood to impart a rustic, cabin-like feel.

Design Ideas

Coronado also presents a library of downloadable booklets and brochures to assist with design selection. These beautifully photographed materials displayvideas for exterior, interior, fireplace, landscape, and accessories applications. Also, Coronado combinations offer ideas that can be typical of certain geographic motifs and natural stones, such as Western, Southwest, Northeast, and Southeast. You can learn more by contacting ProCoat Systems to discuss technical aspects and pricing.

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