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Fireplace Surround Designs Using Stone Veneer

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The fireplace is often the most dramatic focal point in any home or business. More than simply a log-burning cavity, the surfaces that surround fire box can be elegant, rustic, linear, or impressively massive. The fireplace, surround, mantle and the areas above will draw attention and can create the mood. Danes revere a concept known as “hygge” (pronounced hoo-gah) which depicts surroundings that exude comfort, well-being, and coziness. Nothing creates a “hygge” atmosphere better than a beautiful fireplace on a frosty evening. (more…)

What is EIFS Stucco?

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The newest versions of EIFS, Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, are durable, attractive, and highly energy efficient. These characteristics are a result of a scientifically refined system of layered materials that restrict energy loss, eliminate moisture accumulation, and provide a beautiful and lasting exterior appearance. While each layer has an important function, the exterior surface is comprised of a stucco-like material that offers substantial practical and aesthetic value. (more…)

Create a Backyard Fire pit with Manufactured Stone Veneer

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manufactured stone veneerWhile a backyard fire pit can be another focal point in a well-designed landscape, the structure is also an additional focal point for group fun and enjoyment on a cool, starry night. Whether for relaxing and enjoying the space with family and friends or simply providing a place to lean back and reflect on the day’s activities, a beautiful manufactured stone veneer firepit provides another great option for homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space. (more…)

Face-Sealed EIFS and Sealant Joints

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EIFS, Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, are appropriate for nearly any location if the proper drainage measures are designed and executed. In low-drying or high-humidity locations, ones with substantial annual rainfall, moisture must be prevented from entering at joint locations. And water should also be allowed to drain via an designed cavity that prevents penetration into the interior gypsum and other insulating materials. (more…)

Planning a Patio with Pavers

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Patio with Pavers

Patios built with quality pavers offer many advantages over other types of surfaces. Available in a wide range of attractive styles and colors, a well-installed paver patio can add a delightful ambiance to outdoor living areas. (more…)

Boral Versetta Stone Veneer

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stone veneers


A global leader in high-quality material and construction materials, Boral Limited continues to develop innovative easy-to-install solutions that create style, grandeur, and sustainability for interior and exterior surfaces. The Versetta line of manufactured stone veneers provide home and business owners a wide range of new looks for new construction or remodeling. (more…)

EIFS Material – Part of the Perfect Wall

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Buildings of every type are intended to provide essential shelter for everything within. Whether the structure is designed to protect people, animals, equipment, or products, roofing and walls should be able to resist rain, snow, wind, and other natural forces. And in most cases, the walls of buildings that house people and temperature or moisture-sensitive goods should have ample thermal retention and moisture resistant properties. (more…)

Are You Confused by the Difference Between Stucco and EIFS?

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exterior eifs

Many people view two entirely different cladding systems, stucco and EIFS, as the same.  It is true that on the surface, these appear to be similar. But what is going on beneath the outer layer is the difference.

Stucco is a durable and attractive exterior coating for buildings and homes. The material may be applied over wood, steel, or masonry subsurfaces to provide an distinct and beautiful appearance. Stucco offers a truly classic look and requires very little maintenance. (more…)

Why the Mesh in an EIFS System?

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eifs or stucco

EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems) have been around for decades. This building method is intended to create a cladding system that provides the highest level of energy conservation while offering an attractive, low maintenance option for home and business owners.

In recent years, significant improvements have enhanced the performance of EIFS and eliminated all issues pertaining to moisture retention and durability. Advances have come from new techniques and the use of new technologies and materials. (more…)

The Durability of Exterior EIFS Systems

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EIFS exterior finishes


While curb appeal and durability are desirable attributes of any structure, homeowners and commercial building managers also look for comfort, energy efficiency, and low-cost maintenance. Various exterior claddings suit particular aesthetic tastes, yet one finish stands out as the most durable and energy efficient of all. (more…)