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Design your natural, stone veneer fireplace to complement your home

natural stone veneer fireplaceDesign your natural, stone veneer fireplace to complement your home

Your natural stone veneer fireplace might be in the great room where your family gathers, or it might be in the formal living room where you entertain friends. Either way it’s sure to be the focal point of the room. So, it’s important that your new fireplace complement your decor. How to do that? Begin by answering some basic questions and then move on to design details. (more…)

What are STO Stucco Systems?

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stucco systemsSTO Corp has been an innovator of many types of construction exteriors. Rather than producing a single purpose coating to clad the exterior surface of a building, STO manufactures systems consisting of materials that provide sophisticated insulation and moisture barriers, as well. STO Stucco System provides the ultimate in appearance, energy efficiency, ease of application, and moisture resistance. The coating and finish are integrated with other high-performance layers to create just the right combination of insulation,  flexibility, and endurance. (more…)

Coronado Veneer Stone

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coronado veneer stone

Adding Coronado stone veneer to any interior or exterior feature of a home or building is an attractive, economical way to to convert a tired, drab appearance into an elegant and inviting location. Owners of businesses and public buildings and many homeowners have adopted Coronado stone veneers to upgrade the style and feel of their properties. (more…)

Effective Waterproof Protection Will Save Money Later

waterproofing systems

Effective waterproofing systems are necessary to preserve the integrity of roofs, walls, and everything within. With any construction or remodel, anticipating the effects of potential water intrusion with proper waterproofing, drainage, and water management is absolutely essential. An investment in professional waterproofing materials and applications to ensure that roofs, foundation walls, and other areas are properly protected from moisture will save thousands of dollars later. (more…)

10 Steps for the Perfect EIFS Application

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EIFS, Exterior Insulation and Finish System, is a cladding technique designed to protect and insulate buildings while reducing energy costs. Though a very specific layering process, starting inside the building and extending to the outer wall, the EIFS process insulates while preventing moisture build-up within the system. (more…)

Upgrade your home with Stone from one of Denver’s Top Stone Veneer Companies

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Manufactured Stone VeneerWhen the exterior of a home becomes noticeably outdated, or the drab appearance of a brick fireplace, family room, or patio are dull with little chance of improvement without major demolition, there is a perfect solution that completely forgo a massive reconstruction. (more…)

EIFS Wall Systems Are Not a Recent Discovery

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In 1963, Stotmeister & Company, later known as STO™ CORP, created an acrylic-based wall system that can be applied as an insulating coating on building exteriors. The result was a more attractive exterior with dramatically improved energy efficiency. In those 53 years, Exterior Insulations and Finish Systems (EIFS) have evolved in a broad range of colors, textures, and energy-saving capabilities. EIFS may be applied to virtually any building to protect and improve the outer appearance and extend the structure’s useful life while reducing energy costs. (more…)

Installing a Fireplace Rock Veneer: Know Before You Go

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Instead of tearing out and replacing that outdated fireplace that makes your home seem old and boring, consider a fireplace rock veneer from ProCoat in Salt Lake City. ProCoat has the answer to the style and budget questions that have been nagging you since you first became aware your fireplace needed help. (more…)

Are EIFS Finish Coats a Cost Effective Way to Improve the Exterior of Your Building?

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Have you considered how a drab appearance of your building can impact customer perception, resale value or both in Salt Lake City? Have you noticed your heating and cooling costs are rising, and some rooms tend to be drafty? Alternatively, are you experiencing moisture penetrating through your walls? Have you considered and EIFS finish coat?  (more…)

Fireplace Stone Veneer in Denver—ProCoat Systems is Your One Stop Shop

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In the years before ProCoat Systems started bringing world-class fireplace stone veneer to Denver, having a fireplace of any type meant red or tan brick, unless you were wealthy and could afford stone masonry expertise. (more…)